Mt. Pellegrino

The massif of Monte Pellegrino, which juts out into the Tyrrhenian Sea, has the steep sides marked by ancient caves and fractures. The travelers of the past, first of all Goethe, called him "the most beautiful promontory in the world", because he should discover those magical contrasts, majesty and sweetness, which were so popular in the eighteenth century and the age of Romanticism. Monte Pellegrino is not a simple hill as you might think the viewer from Palermo, but a veritable mountain range, characterized by steep slopes rich in caves, and a very eventful terrain, rich plains practicable, characterized by karst phenomena that surface waters do not flow through but in countless ravines and then reappear as springs. In some caves on the northeast side of the mountain, the Grotte dell’Addaura, have been found bones and tools used for hunting and showing the presence of man since the Paleolithic and Mesolithic. Their importance, however, is mainly due to the presence of an extraordinary collection of stone carvings that adorn the walls and constitute a unique case in the prehistoric rock art scene. At 429 meters above sea level, surrounded by a wild and lush, stands the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia (the patron saint of Palermo), founded in 1625.
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