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According to a legend Pisa was founded by some mythical Trojan refugees from the homonymous greek city of Pisa, once in the valley of the river Alpheus, in the Peloponnese. Etruscan and later Roman colony, Pisa was part of the Lombard Kingdom, the Carolingian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy. The Middle Ages coincides with the period of greatest economic, political and artistic prosperity, of which remain evidences in the shape of the center, in many religious and civic buildings, squares, in the typical narrow alleys that run perpendicular to the Arno, the great road that for centuries has teeming with life, with its numerous ports citizens. Since the XI century, Pisa, important naval base in Roman times, intensifies trade in the Mediterranean, bringing many victories with his fleet on Muslim ships and cities. The Crusades, then, are the opportunity to extend its commercial traffic in the eastern Mediterranean and soon colonies of Pisa arise along the African coast equipped with stores and warehouses, homes and churches. Oriented towards a pro-imperial policy, Pisa is the only Ghibelline city in Tuscany to openly support the Swabian sovereigns Policy, and is often at odds with the papacy, earning excommunication in 1241. The slow decline of the city is marked by the defeat of the rival Genoa in the naval battle in the shallows of Meloria, in 1284, following which about ten thousand men were led to the prisons of Genoa, putting the pisan economy to its knees. After a brief economic and political recovery with the arrival in Italy of the Emperor Henry VII (1310-1313), Pisa loses Sardinia, with serious damage to the finances of the municipality; meanwhile the old institutions are replaced by new municipal governments stately, even though persists the strong attachment to the laws of the municipality, guarantors of greater freedom, often bloody by cruel factionalism. After the brief dominance over rival Lucca (1341-1368), in 1406 Pisa will be conquered by Florence, beginning a long period of deep crisis that will end only with the political rise of the Medici. From the second half of the sixteenth century there was a recovery characterized by the development of the University and the institution of the Order of the Knights of St. Stephen, for the fight against the Turks. The city lived his quiet life in the shadow of the power of the Medici. In 1848 the volunteers of the university battalion took part in the first phase of the war against Austria. Pisa was annexed to the Kingdom of Sardinia, basis of the Kingdom of Italy proclaimed in 1861. The Second World War brought death and destruction. Allied planes carpet-bombed the city, especially August 31, 1943 and in summer of the following year, Pisa lived the sad experience of being cut in two by the war front. The reconstruction was rapid, although his manner aroused various criticisms. More info: http://www.pisaunicaterra.it
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    Private Shore Excursion from Livorno port to Pisa and Florence with Professional Driver Livorno cruise port shore excursion pisa and Florence private day trip , with our tuscany limo driver team  you can enjoy These Two great cities Pisa and Florence. Tuscany is considered where class and elegance is seen by many historians as the […]